Ok, so I know I fell off the whole blogging wagon – but hey – life get’s a little hectic somtimes. Not to mention that this happens to be a hobby and not a profession.

Anyways, I’m going to start up again, and I wanted to keep everyone aprised of my new format. I want to bring you tasty tidbits from the local owners themselves, therefore, the new format is as follows:

  • Short review of whatever deliciousness I eat
  • 1 recommendations from the owner/chef on their favorite spots to grub on some local fare
  • 1 Tip from the chef on how you can produce your own locally inspired cuisine from the comfort of your own home.

While you’re waiting for my next post – here’s a couple of quick picks that won’t dissapoint:

Tacos Y Salsas – 910 S. Federal – Can’t go wrong with the Tacos Al Pastor. Lebanese influenced Mexican food is a beautiful thing.

Snarf’s – I can’t believe there’s still people in Colorado that haven’t eaten here, but if you haven’t, stop reading this sentence and go now. You can’t miss with any sandwich, but the Corned Beef is my personal fav. If I hear about you going to Subway or Quizno’s again – you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

Adios for now….I promise more delictable spots in the Metro Area will be coming your way.