So as you may have read in earlier posts, I’m not a classically trained chef. I grew up in an Italian family where cooking was a part of everyday life, and that’s where I learned my fundamentals. I’ve always wanted to go to culinary school, but I also really enjoy what I do for a living as well. Either way, I decided that it was time to get some classical training. Without wanting to go into massive debt from student loans, I decided that maybe a class at Cook Street was the answer.

Cook Street is a great institution in Denver. It is an actual cooking school, where students can take accredited courses for their culinary degree. But then they also offer single classes, perfect for the at home cook, or maybe even an intriguing date night. Based on the fact that it’s an accredited cooking school, you know you’re going to be getting top notch instructors. And let me tell you, my experience was nothing less than having a highly trained, and knowledgeable chef guiding us through.

My fellow students and I started working on some snacks that the school had provided, and awkwardly engaging in social interaction. After 10 minutes our so, our Chef, Brian, came out and walked us through what we were going to be preparing for this evening. Chef Brian exuded a professorial quality that assured you of two things. One, this guy really knows his stuff. And two, he is excited to share his knowledge with you.

Now, normally I would walk you through each of the techniques, and cooking instructions that we walked through. That’s usually how I set up my recipe posts on my blog, but to be honest, Cook Street is an experience. And walking you through every detail is not going to do this experience justice. So instead, I’m going to entice you pictures, and my extensive food vocabulary. Well, my vocabulary isn’t that extensive, but I’d like to think that it is. Especially because I’m a food blogger. Wait, did I just discredit myself? I digress.

Anyways, what better way to start off a French Classic meal than with some Mussels and Frites. We steamed the mussels in a simple white wine broth, fried up some tasty french fries, and served them both with a creamy bright aioli. This dish was amazing to learn because as many times as I try making fries at home, they never turn out right. So it was really great to get a tip from a professional. Check out my artsy photo below. I think it turned out nice for being taken with an iphone.

After this course, we went into the main. Pan seared Hangar Steak Au Poivre Vert and a Cous Cous stuffed Tomato. This was one another great part of the class because we got to learn about something that every at home cook has issues with – cooking protein. It was absolutely incredible to be able to sit there and ask question after question to such a knowledgeable chef. This, in and of itself, was worth every penny.

After absolutely demolishing anything that was edible on my plate, we went up and assembled our dessert. We had previously made everything for this dish, so assembly was simple. We had a Chocolate Souffle with Raspberry Coulis and Creme Anglaise. I’m not much of a desert guy, but I will tell you that this extremely decadent and delicious. It was rich and chocolaty, but still had nice freshness to it from the coulis.

Overall, the evening was a blast. I had about 20 questions that had been bothering me for years get answered by a pro, I made delicious dishes and got to enjoy them with unlimited wine. Yes, you read that right. When you take a class at Cook Street they do wine pairings with your meal. And they always made sure your glass is full.

This is something that is truly a unique and entertaining thing to do in Denver. I know you get bored with the same routine. Dinner then a movie. Dinner then a bar. Dinner and a multi-state crime spree. Wait. That last one doesn’t apply. Anyways, this is that thing to change your routine. You have to work with a partner, so this is perfect for your next date. It would also apply to corporate events, parties, and more. And last but not least, if you just want to learn some new skills, or master a few dishes, this is the best possible way.

Classes are affordable, available, and are of every type of culinary variety you can imagine. Go to their site now, sign up, and get yourself some new cooking skills.