As you may have come to know, my mantra is pretty easy to understand. What you may not know is I became this way from how I was raised. And as I grew up and experienced new flavors and cuisines, I started to associate with more people that did the same.

Just recently I was having a non-alcholic (yeah right) beverage with a fellow Denver blogger who has the same views and had a similar upbringing. After about eight or nine non-alcoholic beverages, we started a "Who Knows Ethnic Food Better" pissing contest.

And the winner of that pissing contest? Well, we forgot. But who ever won, Indie and I (yes, this is a servant. Do try to keep up, good reader) came up with a list that we both feel is a pretty comprehensive look at ethnic food in the Denver area. We decided to go ahead and put that list into your hands, so that you might share something of our childlike joy for adventurous eaters.

So before you read on, you have to ask yourself: does the question "what is your favorite type of food" almost bring you to tears of frustration as you try to decide which flavors you prefer? Do you live in the Denver Metro area and detest generic, chain-food-TGI-McChili's type restaurants? Do you roll your eyes when your friends try to be "adventurous" at a restaurant by ordering Shrimp Scampi? Then we've got just the list for you.

Well stated, a servant. Let me just chime in and mention that we tried to stick to places somewhat off the beaten path. Everyone knows Frank Bonanno is awesome, but we like to give praise to the little guys as well. With that in mind, here's our picks. Bon Appetito

Indie Eats and a servant

Pho: Pho 79 in Aurora/Pho Duy – We hit a stalemate on this one. Either way you go though, you're looking at hot noodle goodness.

Vietnamese: New Saigon – Supposedly there's a secret "Vietnamese" menu, but you’ve got to be Vietnamese to access it. We’re not, by the way. But if you are, well, we guess you know how to ask.

Banh Mi Sandwich Shop:Ba Le – $5 dollars actually did make us holla.

Japanese: Sushi Yoshi in Superior – Say whaaaaaa? Yep. It's that good.

Thai: US Thai – For the love of god, don't order the "Thai Hot".

Chinese: Heaven Dragon/Tea Garden – Sometimes what you were raised on is what's best. Tea Garden hails from Arvada and has been in business for 25 years, Heaven Dragon has locations in Arvada and Thornton.


Middle Eastern/Indian
Indian: Jewel of India in Westminster/Little India – Why does food that smells like cab drivers taste so delicious? We don't know, but it does.

Middle Eastern: Jerusalem's – Open late means great food post-party food, but it's also good on quiet nights as well.


Ethiopian: Aradas in Denver – Who doesn't like to eat with their hands? Oh you? Ok, well we suggest you don't try this one then.


South of the Border
Colorado Style Mexican Food: Los Arcos — Just the basics – but with chips and salsa to die for! Try not to get creeped out by life sized portraits of the owners staring at you while you eat.

Authentic Mexican Food/Tacos: Tacos Y Salsas – Careful what you order – it might be organ meat, and will definitely be delicious.

Venezuelan: Empanada Express — Ten dollars never bought you so much fried beauty! Seriously, one appetizer and a full plate will feed you for 3-5 days.

Cuban: Buchi's — Out of this world Cuban sammies and the best damn cup of servant’s had outside of Paris, France.

Brazilian/Latin: Cafe Brazil — extremely delicious, very authentic! Enjoy the Brazilian artwork (some of it bizarre) and staff.


Italian: Parisi and Firenze A Tavola — Parisi is a must before strolling the Tennyson artwalk. The deli is a fun way to blow fifty bucks (if you cook like Indie and servant do), but make sure to head downstairs for Firenze A Tavola. It's more upscale, and the Osso Bucco is top notch.

French Bakery: La Patisserie Francaise – Oddly placed next to a Target and Planned Parenthood, but down right tasty. Grab some coffee and a pastry and you're good to go.

Greek: Melita's —a charming staff and wonderful gyros. Servant’s favorite is the lemon soup! Don’t hesitate to pick up some amazing hummus and inspired olive oil.

Jewish: The Bagel Deli I was eating here before Guy Fieri thought it was cool. If you think Einstein has good bagels, please slap yourself, then head down here.

So that about wraps it up! Feel free to visit these websites, print out this list, stick it on your refrigerator with a magnet, and salivate while looking at it daily! Enjoy our recommendations and feel free to add your own on our pages. Whatever the case, enjoy eating! No really, just in general, enjoy eating!

Also, don't be scared to show us some love on your favorite social network. We're on both, and occaisionally one of our jokes is mildly amusing.


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    Great coverage! Quite a hit list- a bunch on here that I’ve yet to check off. Perhaps a 2012 New Years resolution…