Las Tortas

December 27th, 2011




If you follow me on twitter, you've come to realize one thing about me. I love strip mall Mexican food joints. Something about the banquet chairs, corona signs, and table tents that state the same three deserts that every other Mexican restaurant has tend to call my name. While I thought that my experience at Las Tortas was going to be similar, I was wrong.

Las Tortas is tucked behind the ritzy part of Denver, across Colorado Boulevard on Leetsdale. It sits in a shopping center that was part of new construction some time in the 60's, and still carries the same curb appeal. Most people would pass by it and not think twice to stop in, and that is a huge mistake. What lies inside is a restaurant dedicated to the Torta. A simple Mexican sandwich with some kind of tasty slow cooked meat, avocado, lettuce, chipotle sauce, mayo, and cheese all tucked neatly into a bun.

I had the Carnitas Torta, and Mrs. Indie Eats had the Pollo Torta. Both were huge portions, both were wonderful especially with the added extra hot sauce. We coupled our sammies with a couple of La Victorias, which is our favorite Mexican brew. It was a perfect meal, and all for under $20.

So, next time you're shopping in Cherry Creek, and you don't feel like going for the $70 lunch, or the plethora of chain restaurants, drive a few minutes east on Leetsdale and hit up Las Tortas.