November 13th, 2012

Two Aprils ago, I purchased a home in the Sunnyside neighborhood in Denver. I bought a house in this neighborhood for two reasons. The first reason being that it's in a close proximity to downtown. The second reason being that it was something I could afford in the proximity of downtown. This worked out well for me as I am now closer to the city I love, and I own something. The only problem is, Sunnyside isn't as restaurant-laiden as some of the other nearby neighborhoods. Yes there's a plethora of mom-and-pop sauce joints, tons of mexican restaurants, and a few other intriguing places. But I craved something more.

Well my foodie wishes came true with Bocadillo. Located on Tejon street just south of 41st lies a little neighborhood gem serving up tapas and sandwiches in the best ways. Bocadillo's mantra is simple. Find great local ingredients, and then plan the menu accordingly. The menu focuses on what's good and fresh, instead of what's just average and always readily available. It's organic, and locally minded, which is exactly the type of place this city needs.

When I went in I opted for the Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich. Before you say it, I know. This isn't a traditional Spanish Bocadillo. However, the restaurant never claims to serve 100% authentic sandwiches, and offers a variety that is sure to please our multi-cultural palates. Back to the sandwich. It was a mix of dark and white meat which provided plenty of rich flavor, which is often missed in a chicken sandwich. On top was a rum braised slaw, that added a great texture. I threw on an assortment of pickled items and sauces from their "Pickle and Dip" bar (which also displays a gorgeous herb garden) and went to town.



While I didn't have the appetitie to try some of the tapas, the table next to me did, and everything looked on point. I will be soon making it down there to give them a try. I highly encourage you do the same, and support someone who's not only doing the right thing, but doing it well.