Burrito Giant

April 14th, 2012




Before I say anything else, let me warn you – when you walk into Burrito Giant, you will have no idea where you're at. The mix of gym equipment, mexican pottery, a food counter, and two patio tables can be confusing. But, you needn't worry about about anything other than the food counter directly to your right.

Every time I go into Burrito Giant, they always seem like they're so excited to have me in there. This in turn, makes me excited for choosing them as my provider in breakfast burritos. All silly wordsmithing aside, this place is great. While the plain looking burrito above may not indicate anything special, it truly is. Instead of the lard-laiden beans that you usually come by in the stop-and-grab burrito places, they use extra virgin olive oil. While some of you purist might cringe, I'll tell you this – don't knock it till you've tried it. They're light, and incredibly flavorful.

Aside from all of this, the one thing that I absolutely love is their green chile. There's a perfect amount of heat to it, it's fresh tasting, it's not too thick, nor too thin, and is easily one of my top three favorites in Denver.

If you just want to stop in and give them a try, opt for the Jr. Breakfast burrito. It's only $1.25, and it's a good portion of potatoes, eggs, green chile, and cheese. This is plenty for the start of my day, but if you're a big eater, you may want to try one of the regular sized burritos.

Burrito Giant is located at 4501 W 38th Ave. There's street parking availble, and a trecherous little lot behind it that is rarely used.