Country Time BBQ

June 4th, 2012


After spending some time with a lovely lady from Kansas, I was instructed on how far off Denver BBQ joints are from those of the great state of Kansas. While we may excel at having a rad, mountainous playground in our backyard, tasty green chile as far as the eye can see, and the ever-so-great Denver Broncos, Kansas probably has a leg up on us as far as good BBQ goes.

With that being said, I feel like this is a spot that the aforementioned lovely lady would definitely approve of. Before I get into the food, let me mention this. You will be intimidated as you pull up. The place is tiny, divey, and in an industrial part of town, just off of Hampden and Santa Fe. Don't let this deter you from getting some tasty BBQ though. The staff is pleasant, and the meat is tender. Let's be honest though, as long as the meat is tender at a BBQ spot, who really cares what the restaurant looks like?

I opted for the brisket sandwich, with hot BBQ sauce, and a side of french fries. The slabs of beef brisket overflowed out of the bun and were messily sauced with spicy, sweet, and smoky sauce; just how BBQ should be. The meat was impecabily tender, with not a single dry or tough spot throughout the sandwich. The fries were actual, cut-from-potato fries, which were fried to order. They were served crispy, skin on, with a little bit of salt. The only regret I had was not getting enough napkins, as this was quite a messy meal to have in my car. Oh, which reminds me, there's no seating, so be prepared to take it to your house, your office, or you could always just take it down in your car.




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