Art of Winter Cocktail Tour

February 1st, 2013

There aren't many things I like about winter. In fact, if Denver stayed sunny and 70 all year long, I'd be the last guy you'd look to for any complaints. While I can't stand not being able to rock flip flops year round, I do enjoy a few things about this below average season. Heartier meals are definitely a plus, family get together are seemingly abundant, and now I have a new joy to look forward to, the Art of Winter Cocktail Tour which is put on by the always impressive Culinary Connectors.

This last Friday, I hustled downtown after work to catch the first installment of this amazingly orchestrated cocktail tour. Unfortunately, the tour started at 4pm, so I was unable to catch the first stop, which was at Tom's Urban 24. Awkward starting times aside, I was still able to catch the next two, which happen to be at two of my favorites. The first location was TAG, which featured the Gamay Some Gin. This artfully crafted cocktail features Terroir Gin from St. George distillery, Geaujolais Syrup, and lemon garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary.  It was a clean, easy to drink cocktail that really refreshed your palate. Even my guest, who normally doesn't like gin, enjoyed this one.




The next stop was Corridor 44. This Denver staple is a must hit for me, especially on date nights. On this night though, we were straying away from the bubbly and delving into the delicious  Chaisaac Tea. This cocktail featured Makers 42 Bourbon, Apricot Brandy, Grand Marnier, Agave, Spiced Apple Cider, all topped with house made chai whipped cream. It was so well balanced, you couldn't even notice there was bourbon in it. It had bright notes from the cider, but was rich and full bodied with the bourbon and house made whipped cream.



After the drinks we stayed and talked with the rest of the group. Art of Winter and Culinary Connector did a top notch job of making everyone feel comfortable, and introducing everyone to one another. Sometimes these group experiences can be a little awkward, and I can assure you that this is not one of those experiences. I mean, the booze definitely helps everyone feel more comfortable, but the majority of the credit goes to the hosts.

There are two more dates on this cocktail tour, and I highly recommend getting out to one of the two. There's one tonight starting at 4pm, and there's also another one next week. You can pick up tickets on Culinary Connectors site.