Gotta love side jobs–especially side jobs like guest blogging for Indie Eats on a night when I get to go to the Botanic Gardens and enjoy myself in the name of a good cause. I'm not much of a charity function guy, but this event made me want to give more of my funds to We Don't Waste. And, if I can humble-brag for a second, I did indeed open my wallet for this cause!
The "Fill a Plate for the Hungry" event, put on by non profit We Don't Waste, is one of the most enjoyable ways I can think of to give to a worthy non profit. For those of you that don't know, We Don't Waste partners with Denver area restaurants in order to take their unused foods and donate them local food shelters. Anyone who has done time (as I affectionately put it) in the restaurant world knows, there's a ton of perfectly good food that goes to waste nightly in any restaurant that could be used to benefit some of our needy Denverites. We Don't Waste endeavors, through a rather complex pick up/delivery system, to relieve restaurants of their unused food and put it to work filling bellies. So it was with gusto that I participated in this function and the food and drinks did not disappoint! 
The evening began in the Botanical gardens with bars and restaurants serving cocktails. I was delighted to see my friends from Central Bistro (insert link) serving bourbon themed cocktails and exposing the generous patrons to some free educational talks on the delicious brown liquor that Indie Eats loves so dearly. Also notable was a mystery wine purchase: basically, patrons paid $25 for a bottle of wine gift wrapped–the trick was that the bottle of wine could be a $25 dollar bottle or a $250 bottle. Kinda like Christmas but without the lame sweater. We ended up with a nice Shiraz with the proceeds going to the local shelters.
The main event was dinner, which both my date and I felt was impressive. Hosting the event was some big name restaurants: Tomayo, Russell's Smoke House, TAG, The Palm and Ted's Montana Grill were among those  featured. Sadly, my stomach capacity barred me from sampling everything, but my favorite dish came from Tomayo, which featured some top notch tamales. I wish I would have been able to pay more attention to the cuisine, but the presentations and auction stole the show! The attendees were treated to a powerful presentation on how We Do Waste works in the Mile High City, followed by an auction in which one prize was to have Mr. Troy Guard prepare a dinner meal for you and five guests. 
Sadly, my meager earnings as a free lance writer put me right out of contention for bidding on that biggy. But hey, it gives me a goal for next year!  
I'll be looking forward to future events put on by We Don't Waste and would definitely encourage our readers to do the same. It's a great way give to your fellow man and have a wonderful experience in the process. 
A servant